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Fund My Future PGH is managed by the Economic Opportunity Team at Neighborhood Allies. Read more about our team members and their unique contributions below! 

Toni Corinealdi

Toni Corinealdi

Senior Program Manager of Empowerment & Outreach


Toni Corinealdi was the Community Outreach Director for Fund My Future, a program created by the Propel Schools Foundation. Toni worked for Propel Charter Schools from 2008 until April 2021. As Program Manager from 2017-2019, she oversaw the county-wide expansion of Fund My Future, while continuing to manage Fund My Future at 13 Propel Charter Schools. Prior to transitioning to Neighborhood Allies, Fund My Future grew to over 9,000 participants overall, including over 4,000 participants from Allegheny County.

In 2020, the program partnered with the Pennsylvania State Treasury, making this opportunity available to all families in the state of Pennsylvania. During the initial planning phases, she played a leading role providing guidance for statewide expansion.

Her vision is that ALL children have a basic savings account by the start of school, giving children a jumpstart on life, building their confidence and preparing them to reach their lifetime goals.

She is a graduate of Point Park University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership. She is a native Afro-Panamanian who migrated along with her mother from Panama to Brooklyn N.Y. where she started her first savings account in second grade at P.S.11. Toni is also the mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother of one dedicated Fund My Future participant.. She is also the proud recipient of the Clarion University Community Award for her dedication and commitment to equity and for implementing the Clarion Emerging Scholars Program at Propel High Schools. She was also a 2020 Strong Women Strong Girls Nominee and she is also a member of the Propel Afterschool Magic Advisory Board.

Sarah Dieleman Perry

Sarah Dieleman Perry

Director of Economic Opportunity


Sarah Dieleman Perry is the Director of Economic Opportunity. She created and facilitates the Asset Building Network, the Pittsburgh Saves campaign, and the Disability Awareness & Financial Inclusion Working Group. In 2020, she launched Bank On Allegheny County with Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, the City of Pittsburgh, and the FDIC, and since 2018 has directed the Financial Empowerment Center initiative with the City of Pittsburgh and Advantage Credit Counseling Services. From 2017 to 2021, she assisted Propel Schools with partnership development, communications, and operations during the county-wide and then state-wide expansion of Fund My Future. In 2021 she helped to launch Fund My Future PGH, an outreach effort focused on Allegheny County, and brought the initiative under the management of Neighborhood Allies.

Sarah served Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development as a program officer since 2001 prior to its transition to Neighborhood Allies. Sarah has also worked as a project manager in the Housing Division of Allegheny County Department of Economic Development. She holds a Master’s in Economic and Social Development and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

Javier Janik

Javier Janik

Program Manager of Economic Opportunity

Javier Janik is the Program Manager of Economic Opportunity. Alongside the Economic Opportunity team, he worked on the launch of Fund My Future PGH as it transitioned under Neighborhood Allies. In 2021, his work will continue to focus on youth-benefitting programs including Fund My Future PGH and Bank On Allegheny County’s initiative to get youth in work programs access to transactional bank accounts. 

Joining Neighborhood Allies in February 2021, Javier brings over a decade of combined experience in the banking sector and nonprofit sector. He has worked internationally in Colombia, Peru, and Cameroon, and is a proud AmeriCorps alumni. In his free time, he serves as a volunteer soccer coach for Open Field. Javier has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and obtained his Master’s degree in International Development from University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.