Fund My Future PGH is a program administered by Neighborhood Allies to help families in Allegheny County save for their children’s college and other post-secondary goals. Fund My Future provides a prize pool that makes the saving experience fun. Community events with partners make it easy to save in a variety of ways and places.


In order to participate in the program, you must be an adult, aged 18+ residing in Allegheny County saving for a child between the ages of 0-18. You must enroll in Fund My Future PGH this way:  

Go to the Fund My Future PGH website ( and provide your email address, contact information, and the birthdate of the youngest child for whom you are saving. You are enrolled when you receive enrollment confirmation from Fund My Future PGH. 

By enrolling in Fund My Future PGH, you give your permission to Fund My Future PGH to issue raffle chances to you, communicate with you by email, voice and text, and share information collected from you (but not your name or any other identifying information) with our research partners. 

Fund My Future PGH may ask you to verify your eligibility at any time. 

Raffle Tickets & Prizes

Starting July 1, 2020, in order to be issued a raffle ticket, each Fund My Future PGH participant must indicate to Fund My Future PGH by responding to a survey, email, or text, that they have opened a long-term children’s savings account with a financial institution or a 529 plan.

On or around the 20th of each month, each Fund My Future PGH participant who has indicated account opening will be issued one raffle ticket. Raffle tickets do not roll over from one month to the next. 

Specific prizes may vary. Generally, we will draw one $1000 prize tickets and up to thirty $50 prize tickets from participants who live in Allegheny County each month.

Tickets will be issued automatically, and an electronic copy of each raffle ticket will be emailed to you at the email address you have provided. You need not be present at the raffle drawings to win. 

Raffle Ticket Eligibility

If one of your tickets is selected in a raffle drawing for a monthly prize, you will have three months to establish your eligibility and claim your prize. To claim your prize, you must: 

1) Complete a short survey; 

2) Show that you have made a deposit into your child’s account (of $1 or more) and not made a withdrawal during the winning month by providing a bank statement (or a printed screen shot of that month’s bank activity) with your name and the child’s name. 

If you complete (1) but not (2), you will receive a $10 gift card as a consolation prize. 

Neighborhood Allies’ staff and their immediate relatives (spouse, parent, child, sibling), and household members of each, whether related or not, are not eligible for prizes.  

Once a raffle ticket has been drawn for a prize, it will not be drawn again for that month’s prize pool. Participants may win no more than one prize each month.

Prize Distribution

Prizes of $1000 or more will be awarded in the form of a $500 check payable to you AND a scholarship of $500 which will be held in a PA 529 account and will be available to pay qualified educational expenses of any child you designate. 

Prizes between $20 and $999 will be paid by check. 

Prizes under $20 will be awarded in the form of gift cards.

Ending Participation

Your participation in the program will end if any of the following occur: 

1) You opt out of receiving communication from us; 

2) The youngest child for whom you are saving (and who is on record with Fund My Future) turns 18. 

You may also end your participation in Fund My Future PGH at any time by emailing us this request at

** Neighborhood Allies reserves the right to make updates or changes to the program at any time. Should changes be made, you will receive timely notice of the changes. 

If you have questions at any time or need to update information regarding eligible children or your contact information, please contact Fund My Future PGH at

Ready to Take the Pledge?

Ready to Take the Pledge?