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April 2019 Spotlight

Breaking News

For the month of April, Fund My Future will be giving
away $1,000 to TWO lucky winners. It could be you!


Saving Tip:

Encourage your child(ren) to start a small business. Show them that hard work does PAY OFF. Encourage them to save their profits, creating a tangible reward for a job well done.

Student Spotlight

LaRon is an 11-year-old, fifth-grade student at Manchester Academic Charter School who enjoys baseball and R&B music. When his mom first told him about Fund My Future, LaRon was thrilled at the idea that he could save money and mom had the chance to win money. With dreams of college and becoming a Major League Baseball star, LaRon understands how saving can help him achieve his goal of buying his mom a house. He encourages families to join Fund My Future “because it’s fun and you can save money for your kids.”

Good luck LaRon!

Partner Spotlight

Fund My Future would like to recognize Manchester Academic Charter school for their continuous support. Through the leadership of Matt Nichols, 1st Grade Teaching Assistant, we’ve enrolled dozens of MACS families, some of whom became winners! When asked why Fund My Future is important, Mr. Nichols replied, “It gives families the opportunity to start saving for college while their children are at a young age. It also gives parents the opportunity to teach their children the importance of saving toward goals.”


In The Community

Participating families had the chance to talk about
Fund My Future on The Saturday Light Brigade
along with Program Manager Toni Corinealdi.


Bank accounts no longer need to be
linked to the Fund My Future portal.

The steps are easy:

  1. Enroll at
  2. Open a savings account (at a financial institution of your choice)
  3. Save & Win!