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April 2021 Newsletter

Your Simple Steps to Winning:
1. Open a savings account or a 529 (if you haven’t done so already).
2. Make your monthly deposit of $1 or more.
3. Check your ticket to see if you are a winner!
Call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946) for additional information



“This is one of the best things you could ever do for your child’s future; with the price of college sky rocketing, the opportunity to get a jump on tuition is key. This tool is a game changer; from reminders to savings and everything in between, all parents should take advantage of a company that wants to see your child advance in life.” –  Dennis

Dennis, a resident of Pittsburgh, is hard working dad with a packed schedule — he works full-time, volunteers with his wife in community events, and is an active member of a softball team and a coach for a youth football team.

Dennis is so busy that he overlooked the email from Fund My Future informing him of his $1000 win. It wasn’t until the second attempt of Ms. Corinealdi reaching out to him that he found out that he won $1000. This was music to his ears because his daughter is currently a senior at Oakland Catholic High School preparing to attend an HBCU. Both daughter and dad are actively pursuing college scholarship opportunities and this Fund My Future win came at a perfect time. Especially because his daughter just turned 18, which is the Fund My Future age limit.

Dennis first heard about Fund My Future while volunteering with his wife at a Hill District community event in the summer of 2019. He was checking out all the vendors, when he came across the bright green Fund My Future table filled with fun swag. He decided to stop and after hearing a complete explanation from Ms. Corinealdi, it seemed to be in-line with college, so he immediately signed up.

After signing up, he started receiving regular messages reminding him to save. Although Dennis was already saving for his daughter, it wasn’t until he enrolled in Fund My Future that he actually opened an account in her name. Dennis is no stranger to saving; he started saving for himself at age 20, when he decided he wanted to save for a home. By the time he was 24 he purchased his first home, which is now his rental property.

He is so excited to be a Fund My Future winner during his last phase with Fund My Future as his daughter is his youngest child. He truly feels like this was a blessing and has told all of his family members to enroll in this program. He said he’s going to tell this to everyone he meets because this is a WIN WIN for everyone!

Fund My Future is Moving

We are so EXCITED to inform you that Fund My Future is in the process of transitioning to another organization. In that move, Fund My Future will be BIGGER and BETTER. Ms. Corinealdi will have a different email but her phone number 412-514-3257 will remain the same. Keep an eye out for more details to come!

FMF 3-Part Series WINNER


“Give your child a head start on a solid financial future!” – James

Meet James, a Penn Hills dad who recently won $50 in the February Fund My Future raffle drawing. James learned about Fund My Future through the Homewood Brushton Family Support Center in December of 2020. He was a part of the “Fathers Trying Together Program” led by Mr. Neil Walker. Early in November, Mr. Walker provided the fathers with information about Fund My Future and the benefits of saving for their children. As an incentive from the family support center, every father who attended all three sessions would receive an initial $25 start-up deposit for each child. Although James found the initial deposit offer to be attractive, the thought of giving his child a financial jump start was even more persuasive.

After attending all three sessions, James felt more informed about the various children’s savings products that financial institutions had to offer. He then decided to save for his child through a credit union associated with his employer. Setting up the account was easy and he also made his monthly deposits automatic; this way he would never miss a chance to win.

On March 2nd he received a phone call from Ms. Corinealdi, notifying him that he was a winner. He was both excited and grateful for that phone call. He could not believe how quickly he won. He’s very proud to be saving long-term for his 7-year-old daughter and truly grateful that he attended the series to learn more about saving. Now he’s sharing this information with everyone he knows.

Keystone Scholars

Do you live in Pennsylvania and have a child born AFTER December 31, 2018? If the answer is yes, you may be eligible for $100 for your child. Call 800-440-4000 to find out more about Keystone Scholars or visit the website at





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Virtual Parent Meeting

Parents can now schedule a one-on-one virtual Zoom meeting to address any Fund My Future needs. Simply contact Ms. Toni Corinealdi at 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946)