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August 2021 Newsletter

June Winners

“If you’re saving for your child’s future, what have you got to lose?”

Congratulations to Jeannie on being a $50 June Fund My Future PGH winner! About one year ago, Jeannie’s 10-year-old daughter came to her saying that she wanted to start saving for college to become a veterinarian at the zoo. Jeannie immediately took action and started researching different banks and programs that could help her daughter’s wish come true. She was able to find a bank that seemed to be a good fit for her daughter. She then continued her search for a savings program and Fund My Future PGH was one of the programs to pop up in her search. After reviewing everything on the website, she decided to join and take the pledge. Although the monthly chances of winning was attractive, she never once imagined that she would actually win.

Jeannie’s daughter agreed to put half of everything she received from allowance, birthdays, and other gifts from her grandparents into her savings account. She is very diligent about her savings and actively engages in the savings process. She saves in her pink safe (at home) and later rolls up the coins and takes them to the bank to make a deposit. Mom said that she recently changed her career path from becoming a veterinarian to a marine biologist.

Jeannie’s daughter has made such an impact that her big brother (age 11) said he too wants to start saving. Mom advised him to bring his grades up and she would take him to the bank to open his own account. She is pleased to inform us that they have an appointment scheduled to open an account for him.

Jeannie was shocked when she won the monthly raffle. When she received the check, she gave it to her daughter and they went to the bank to make the deposit. Jeannie is so happy to be a part of Fund My Future PGH and has recommended it to other parents.

“You just have to take a moment to look at the future.  I wish I was at this age when my mom saved for me. This program is a motivation to save for the future because you never know what’s going to happen in life.”

Congratulations to Juaree on being a $50 Fund My Future PGH winner! The day that she received the email notifying her that she was a winner, she could not believe it was real. But then she received a text message and she immediately told both of her children, who were overjoyed. 

Juaree initially signed up for Fund My Future PGH through the Homewood Family Support Center, when she attended the FMF PGH Saving Series in December 2020. Although she always wanted to save, she did not have savings accounts for her children. The Homewood Family Support Center gave her that extra push when they provided the initial deposit into her children’s accounts, upon completing the FMF PGH Saving Series.

Juaree started saving for herself when she started her first summer job at age 14. But she believes her mother would have started her earlier, if a program like Fund My Future PGH was made available to her.  Juaree really appreciates the opportunity to start her children on their savings path as early as ages 7 and 8.

Juaree decided to save for her children at Citizens Bank. She is so happy to have access to all of these resources and appreciates all that Fund My Future PGH is doing to improve families’ lives.