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August 2022 Newsletter

June $50 Winner

“Saving is prioritizing your child’s future and well-being.”

Congratulations to Tammy, a Fund My Future PGH $50 June winner! Tammy heard about Fund My Future PGH a while back but it wasn’t until last year when her co-worker told her about it, that she enrolled and started saving, one child at a time. She is now an expectant mom of her third child and plans to save for her new addition shortly after birth, in November.

Both Tammy and her husband grew up in low-income families. However, they both managed to go to college but watched as their parents struggled. When Tammy was in college, she found herself stressing about her finances instead of focusing more on her studies and college life. Fortunately for Tammy, she succeeded and graduated with her Bachelors in Social Science and she is now pursuing her Masters in Social Work.

Tammy wants a better college experience for her own children. She believes that Fund My Future PGH is giving her children a head start now and will put them on the path to success. When Tammy first started saving for her child, she was going into the bank to make her deposits. Now she has automatic deposits set for every month, which makes saving easier for her.

When Tammy received the email and phone call informing her she won the raffle, she knew she would receive her prize because her deposits are automatic and she never withdraws from her children’s accounts. Tammy plans to use her winnings on her daughter’s violin lessons.