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August 2023 Newsletter

A Grandma’s Saving Story

“When opening a savings account for one of your grandchildren, don’t take “No” for an answer and put a reminder on your phone so you never miss a deposit.” 

Congratulations to Patricia, a Fund My Future PGH June $50 winner! Patricia signed up during Urban Academy Charter School’s Grandparents’ Day in October of 2022. She’s always had savings accounts for her children who are now 31, 34, 45 and 52. As a matter of fact, she has been banking with the same financial institution for 53 years.  And when given the opportunity to save for her grandson, she was all for it.

As a child, Patricia saved her money in a cookie jar. She came from a generation that did not trust banks. Back then, saving money at home was not uncommon and she was also taught to always have money for a rainy day.

Fifty-three years ago, Patricia decided to open her first bank account. However, she was very apprehensive and paid close attention to all of the bank’s transactions in her account. As time passed on, she became more comfortable with saving her money in the bank. She then decided to open accounts for her three children at the same bank. And she is pleased to say that she is also saving for her grandson at the same financial institution.

Upon initially enrolling in Fund My Future PGH, Patricia did not have a savings account for her grandson. She later decided to go to her financial institution on her own to establish his account. She had all of the required documentation to open the account. However, when she requested to open an account for her grandson, she was told that she wasn’t allowed to open it. She was confused, so she contacted Ms. Corinealdi for an explanation because she did not want to go to elsewhere.

Ms. Corinealdi thought this was a bank mistake, and she assured Patricia that she would talk to the bank manager. Within one week, Ms. Corinealdi resolved everything, and Patricia was so happy to be able to open the savings account at the bank that she has been with for 53 years. And she has been saving for her grandson ever since that day. She plans to deposit her winnings into her grandson’s account.

Story Written By: Toni Corinealdi
Edited By: Sarah Dieleman Perry