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December 2021 Newsletter


“Keep pushing, keep saving, because you never know when you may win!”

Kenesha was a Fund My Future PGH October $50 Winner. Kenesha has been enrolled in Fund My Future PGH for over 2 years. She first heard about Fund My Future PGH through the East Liberty Family Support Center where Ms. Corinealdi was giving an in-person presentation. After hearing the presentation, she immediately decided to enroll and open savings accounts for both of her children.

Kenesha is no stranger to savings. When she was a child, her mother opened a savings account for her. However, during those times Kenesha admitted that as a child, she did not participate in the savings process, but she feels that she has benefited from having one.

Now that Kenesha is saving for her children, she has them save in their piggy banks. She also looks forward to taking them to the bank to make their deposits. On her children’s birthdays, she deposits their birthday monies into their saving accounts.

After enrolling in Fund My Future PGH, Kenesha never thought that she would win. Although her chance of winning was a possibility, she never thought it could be her. On November 1st, emails were sent to winners, but Kenesha did not recall receiving an email that stated she had won. It wasn’t until she received the phone call from Ms. Corinealdi that she was able to locate the email and even then, she couldn’t believe it was really happening. But then it finally sank in and she was both surprised and excited.

Kenesha plans to split the winnings between both of her children and deposit the funds into each of their accounts. She is forever grateful that she chose to enroll in Fund My Future PGH and looks forward to her children continuing to participate in their own savings.


“It’s never too late to start saving for your child. Every dollar counts. With Fund My Future PGH, they really help me contribute to my child’s future.”

Jaime is another Fund My Future PGH October $50 Winner. She first heard about Fund My Future PGH when she attended the Carnegie Library’s Virtual Fund My Future PGH Session, advertised through Facebook. Jaime then went on to learn about PA 529’s by attending another session offered by her employer. This session included a presentation from a representative of the Pennsylvania Treasurer’s office. After attending the second session, Jamie decided that she would sign up for both Fund My Future PGH and the PA 529.

One of the reasons that Jaime chose to participate in Fund My Future PGH is that she wants to minimize the cost of college for her child and give him a chance to choose what school he wants to attend. With the holidays right around the corner, Jaime has distributed her child’s PA 529 Code to her family members, making gift giving easy.

When it comes to savings, Jaime considers herself to be a late bloomer. Before joining Fund My Future PGH, she already had a regular savings account for her son. However, she was only saving sporadically and only when she thought about it. Now that she is enrolled in Fund My Future PGH, she makes regular monthly deposits. She also appreciates the monthly reminders, even though she has automatic deposit, which she considers a saving grace.

When she got the news that she won, she was so excited, even without knowing how much she had won. Just the simple fact that she was a winner was enough to make her happy. After receiving the email notification, Jaime followed the instructions to complete the survey and submit her verification. She is now awaiting the check of which she plans to deposit into her son’s PA529 account.


“Why not sign-up, because you want to save for your child anyway and winning will just be a bonus”

Meet Kathryn, another Fund My Future PGH October $50 Winner. Kathryn heard about Fund My Future PGH through another Fund My Future PGH mom, about 2 ½ years ago. At that time, she wasn’t saving for her child because her mother had opened an Alabama 529 and made deposits into it for her grandchild. However, after hearing about Fund My Future PGH and knowing that her mom was already saving for her child, she wanted to also save for her child. Being that her mom already had an Alabama 529, Kathryn decided to open a PA 529 for her child. When she initially opened the PA 529, she was only making deposits when she thought about it. Then one day, after a promotion at work, she decided to switch to automatic monthly deposits.

As a child, Kathryn saved in a piggy bank at home. Her parents had introduced her to saving early on in life; however, she was not included in the actual saving process. It wasn’t until she graduated from college that she started saving on her own in a bank.

When Kathryn received the email notifying her that she was a winner, she was both excited and happy. Excited to have won and happy that she had made the decision to switch to automatic deposits. By switching to automatic deposit, she knew she was a winner because the money goes into the account automatically. Although she is enrolled in automatic deposits, she still appreciates all the monthly reminders. She is glad that she followed through on enrolling in Fund My Future PGH.