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January 2021 Spotlight

Your Simple Steps to Winning:
1. Open a savings account or a 529 (if you haven’t done so already).
2. Make your monthly deposit of $1 or more.
3. Check your ticket to see if you are a winner!Call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946) for additional information

Happy New Year

$1000 Winner Story

“We are so grateful for Fund My Future – by teaching us to save for our children’s future, you can not only win great prizes, but it helps provide opportunities for our children to go to school that we would not have been able to without their generous support!” – Steven

Congratulations to Steven, our November $1000 Allegheny County winner! Steven received the Congratulations phone call from Community Outreach Director, Toni Corinealdi on December 1st and he was speechless. He could not believe that he had won because he never thought that this could ever happen to him.

Steven recently enrolled in Fund My Future while attending a virtual financial aid night that his children’s guidance counselor organized through their school.

Steven considers himself a late bloomer when it comes to saving because he never learned about it growing up. It wasn’t until approximately 15 years ago that he started saving for his own retirement because that’s what was suggested at that time.

As a husband and father of three children, Steven initially started saving for his children when they were in elementary and middle school through a PA529 because he had realized  that he should shift his focus from retirement to college savings due the exorbitant costs associated with a college education. Now with his oldest, currently a high school senior and the other two in middle school, enrolling in Fund My Future just made sense to him and his wife.

Now that Steven has won $1000, he decided to split the winnings between all three of his children so they can all have a little extra in all their accounts. What a beautiful gift and wonderful way to bring in the New Year!

A Mom Shares her $50 Winner Story

“You are what you do consistently. Once you get started, you’ll become an avid saver and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!” Jolisa

Congratulations to Joelisa, a Fund My Future $50 November winner who is saving for her son, Aaron. Joelisa initially heard about Fund My Future a few years ago through Urban Academy Charter School and later decided to enroll on her own. Because Joelisa is no stranger to saving, joining Fund My Future was a no brainer to her because it seemed like an opportunity to win.

Joelisa began saving for Aaron while she was pregnant. Both her and Aaron’s dad started saving by depositing change in an empty “Pretzel Bucket” from Sam’s Club and they filled it all the way up!
When Aaron was little, Joelisa was adamant about taking him to the bank with her to be sure to include him in the saving process. She believes he appreciated that experience because as of now he’s saved a total of $1,659.23.

Although Joelisa engages with Fund My Future, it wasn’t until she saw Second Lady Giselle Fetterman congratulating Fund My Future participants at a recognition event, that she felt that she was part of something big and felt a sense of pride for what she was already doing. She was so proud and couldn’t wait to tell all her friends about this opportunity to save.

Joelisa grew up in subsidized housing and had dreams of one day being a homeowner. At the age of 21, Joelisa started planning for her future by saving for a home and by the age 23 she purchased her first home. She is a Point Park Graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Broadcast and Journalism.

After joining Fund My Future, Joelisa started receiving the Fund My Future communications which she found very insightful and now she is so excited and happy to have finally won!

A Grandma Shares her $50 Winner Story

“Fund My Future has made savings FUN again and I feel like I am winning!” –  Sharon

Congratulations to Sharon a Pittsburgh grandma of two who won twice with FMF. Her first winning was a $100 gift card when she first joined Fund My Future and now she’s a November $50 winner. Sharon is really excited about winning for saving and finds it really fun!  She started saving for her now 6 year old grandson, Xavier three years ago in a homemade piggy bank of which he still has. Sharon always thought savings was important and finally decided to join Fund my Future to introduce her grandson to savings. Sharon’s parents never talked to her about savings nor did she instill saving habits in her children. However, with the birth of her grandson, she chose to do things different and decided to start the conversations about savings with her grandson.

When Sharon first joined Fund My Future she was working in corporate america. Funds were flowing regularly and she was able to deposit modest amounts though direct deposits and things were going well. However, when she transitioned to launch her own business it became more challenging to make regular larger deposits. But because she has committed to saving, even if her monthly deposit is only $10, she will make sure it gets deposited because she believes the most important thing being developed is the habit, not the amount.

Our Parents won in 2020

Important Message for Propel Schools Families

We are proud of your commitment to invest in your child’s future. As a reminder to PROPEL FAMILIES, by January 19, all Fund My Future in-school savings accounts will need transitioned into individual long-term children savings accounts. If your child currently has an in-school savings account or you would like to start an account, please call a Fund My Future Representative at 833-SAVE WIN (728-3946) or 412-930-3831 for assistance with transitioning. Also, beginning February 2021 any accounts with less than $25 will be automatically processed and mailed to the address on file.


Community partners are taking advantage of the Fund My Future 3 Part Series. Attending families, receive valuable savings information, along with a certificate of completion. Community partners also have access to engaging information that allows families the opportunity to meet on three separate occasions to hear from members of the PA Treasury staff and various banks and credit unions.

SAVE THE DATE – The Carnegie Library is also planning another Fund My Future Information session on January 21st. This is a FREE registration event and you must register to attend. Please click here to register. Be on the lookout for more info on our Facebook page.

If your community organization would like to learn more about the Fund My Future Three-Part Saving Series, please click here to visit our website and click on the “Three-Part Saving Series” tab or call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946).

Keystone Scholars

Do you live in Pennsylvania and have a child born AFTER December 31, 2018? If the answer is yes, you may be eligible for $100 for your child. Call 800-440-4000 to find out more about Keystone Scholars or visit the website at



Click Here to learn about the Carnegie Library’s In-person Service

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Click Here Still enrolling children under 5 years old

Virtual Parent Meeting

Parents can now schedule a one-on-one virtual Zoom meeting to address any Fund My Future needs. Simply contact Ms. Toni Corinealdi at 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946)