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July 2019 Spotlight

Saving Tip

Any savings account is compatible with Fund My Future.

If you experience a problem with opening an account, please contact the Fund My Future team at 412-440-8946.

Summer is here!

The school year may have ended, but Fund My Future is still going strong.

Don’t forget to make your summer deposits!

Your child can participate in saving for their future. Take your child to the bank and let them make their deposits.

When you teach children about money management, they will be able to manage their finances as they become adults.

Saver Spotlight

Sheree Thompson is saving for all five of her grandchildren and her great niece. The Hill District resident grew up in a household where savings seemed unrealistic but, with the help of Fund My Future, Sheree is determined to change that narrative for her grandchildren.

We asked Sheree why she would recommend Fund My Future to other families, she simply replied: “Why not?!” Sheree said, creating a fun, new savings experience for her grandchildren makes her feel empowered about their financial future.

FMF Celebrates with Propel

Fund My Future was honored to celebrate the close of Propel Schools’ 2018-2019 academic year with our graduating seniors and rising ninth graders. Participating students were recognized for their commitment to saving.

Congratulations and best of luck to you all!


Bank accounts no longer need to be
linked to the Fund My Future portal.

The steps are easy:

  1. Enroll at
  2. Open a savings account (at a financial institution of your choice)
  3. Save & Win!