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July 2021 Newsletter


“It was only because my children attended Hosanna House Summer Camp that we got this opportunity. Thank you for making this possible, but I wish it was available in all schools.” – Terri

Congratulations to Terri for being our Fund My Future PGH May $50 Winner! Terri originally heard about Fund My Future in 2019 while attending her children’s summer camp orientation at Hosanna House located in Wilkinsburg PA. After listening to the Fund My Future presentation on that day, Terri decided to enroll both of her children (aged 11 & 12) because this was the first time she ever heard of a savings program specifically for children.

After enrolling in Fund My Future, Terri opened individual savings accounts for each of her children and now they both actively engage in saving. When her children complete their chores, mom deposits money into both of their accounts, with half going into their savings account and the other half into their spending account. She also allows her children to have access to viewing their account activity, which builds their excitement about saving when they see their money grow. They’ve actually started competing against each other to see who can save the most.

When Terri initially received the email with the Fund My Future PGH link notifying her that she was a winner, it took a moment for it to sink in. However, when she shared this information with her children, they were both extremely excited.

Terri relies on the monthly Fund My Future PGH reminders to make her regular deposits. Every time she receives a reminder, she deposits $2 – $5 into her children’s savings accounts. She encourages every parent out there to sign up for Fund My Future PGH and start saving for their child because it really gives children a sense of responsibility for saving.


“It’s good to save, especially for your kids!” – Kwielin
Meet Kwielin, a Fund My Future PGH $50 May winner. Kwielin initially heard about Fund My Future PGH during a virtual session hosted by Pittsburgh Brown Mamas in April 2021. After watching the virtual session and reading all the positive feedback, Kwielin figured she’d give it a try because she was already saving for herself, so why not save for her children?

Kwielin moved forward with completing her enrollment in Fund My Future PGH in April by making arrangements to open saving accounts for each of her children after receiving a reminder phone call from Toni Corinealdi. Kwielin decided to start her children’s saving journeys with Citizens Bank, which she found was convenient for both her and the children.

On June 1st she received an unexpected phone call from Ms. Corinealdi. Kwielin had no idea of her win because she had not gotten around to checking her email. However, after receiving the phone call she immediately checked and found the email that said “CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A WINNER,” and promptly filled out the survey. She’s never won anything before and was truly excited about this win, especially with the short time period of being enrolled.

Her five-year-old knows that he is saving and has a bank account. She shows him his deposit activity, letting him know that he has money in the bank. She set a goal to save at least $50 a month for both children and loves that fact that her son can now see his money growing.


Congratulations to another Fund My Future PGH $50 May Winner! This is not Jolisa’s first time winning. She is actually a two time Fund My Future PGH Winner! Jolisa previously won in November 2020 and she couldn’t be more excited about saving! Congratulations again, Jolisa!