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June 2019 Spotlight

Saving Tip

Any savings account is compatible with Fund My Future.

If you experience a problem with opening an account, please contact the Fund My Future team at 412-440-8946.

Meet Demi Kolke

Demi Kolke is the new Senior Program Manager of Corridor Revitalization for Neighborhood Allies. She enrolled in Fund My Future when her 1-year-old daughter Journey was an infant. After making her December deposit, Demi won a $50 prize and said that she feels motivated to continue saving every month. “There’s no losing with Fund My Future. You win free money, create a culture of saving in the home for the child’s long-term goals, and change the community mindset around saving and financial literacy,” said Demi.

We are proud to have Demi Kolke and Journey as Fund My Future participants and advocates.

Fund My Future Winner Recognition Dinner

On May 29th, we held our First Annual Winner Recognition Dinner. This was a night where participating families, community partners, funding partners, banking partners, volunteers, and staff came together to recognize participants for their saving efforts. Guests heard from Demi Kolke as a parent representative, and we also heard from Second Lady of Pennsylvania, Gisele Baretto Fetterman on saving for the future.

Congratulations again to all of our winners!

Lucky Penny Month

In May, we collaborated with our after-school partner programs for Lucky Penny Month. Students built papered piggy banks and had discussions with parents and after-school leaders about saving, no matter how small.


Bank accounts no longer need to be linked to the Fund My Future portal.

The steps are easy:

  1. Enroll at
  2. Open a savings account(at a financial institution of your choice)
  3. Save & Win!