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June 2020 Spotlight

Your Simple Steps to Winning:
1. Open a savings account or a 529 (if you haven’t done so already).
2. Make your monthly deposit of $1 or more.
3. Check your ticket to see if you are a winner!

Call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946) for additional information

An Early Father’s Day Winner’s Story

“During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Fund My Future has been a blessing to both me and my daughter. I can’t believe something as simple as saving, would make such huge a difference in our lives.” 
Mr. Tarue Weathers

Meet Mr. Tarue Weathers, one of our April $50 winners. Mr. Weathers is the proud father of 11-year old Meya. Mr. Weathers was introduced to Fund My Future at a community event earlier this year. After Ms. Toni Crinealdi’s presentation on FMF, Mr. Weathers was excited about the program, and he scheduled an appointment at First Commonwealth Bank to open an account for his daughter. Mr. Weathers said opening the account made him feel good that he was able to plan for his daughter’s future. Every month Mr. Weather deposits at least $20 into Meya’s account. The next time a deposit is made, he said he plans to have Meya conduct the transaction so that she becomes familiar with banking procedures.

The PA Savings Pledge

Do you live in Pennsylvania and have a child born after December 2018? If the answer is yes, did you know you are eligible for $100?  Call 800-440-4000 to find out more about Keystone Scholars or visit the website at

Our Parents Won!

Saving Goal Garden Winners


Ms. Melissa Eddins and Ms. Tracy Copeland! Ms. Eddins & Ms. Copeland were two of our $50 Winners. They became eligible by participating in the May’s”New Ways to Win” by submitting their “Savings  Goal Garden” photo AND THEY WON!

Photo Submitted by Melissa Eddins

Photo Submitted by Tracy Copeland

Other May Photo Entries “Savings Goal Garden”

Although they were not winners, they were too cute to pass by—we had to show them off!

The HSC KOOL Summer Program is Accepting Applications

The Human Services Center’s KOOL Summer Program will take place virtually this summer!  This free program will include math and reading lessons, virtual field trips, science experiments, arts and crafts, and more!  All students entering 1st-5th grade in the fall are eligible to participate, families must have access to a computer/tablet and an internet connection. 

Here is the link to the application:

For questions or to get more information contact Mallory Clark at 412-863-6699 or via email at


SUMMER LEARN AND EARN  Goodwill is seeking applicants for Learn & Earn. The summer program is open to those aged 14-21, and places individuals in jobs throughout the county. Interested parties should call 412-475-4424.

CENSUS UPDATE   The Census is still continuing at this time! Please help us to encourage everyone to participate in the process. Individuals can answer their Census form online at, over the phone (1-844-330-2020 for English speakers, visit for additional languages), or by returning the form mailed to them in April. The self-response period has been extended to the end of October, 2020. In-person operations and door knocking should begin later this summer. 

TRYING TOGETHER RESOURCES:  (daily update news post) (resources for parents/caregivers) (resources for early learning programs)

Virtual Parent Meeting

Parents can now schedule a one-on-one virtual Zoom meeting to address any Fund My Future needs. Simply contact Ms. Corinealdi at 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946)