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June 2022 Newsletter

April $50 Winner

“Saving for your child’s future will help them do
what they want to do without stressing about money”

Amber enrolled in Fund My Future PGH shortly after giving birth in January of 2021. She received a packet from the hospital that included information from the Pennsylvania Keystone Scholars Program. Keystone Scholars gives parents a jumpstart on their child’s education with a $100 investment. Amber loved the idea of her child not being burdened by student loans.

Amber first started saving for herself after her first summer job, which was when she was about 16 years old. Her parents took her to the bank to open her account. To this day, Amber still banks with the same bank. Amber plans to engage her daughter with her savings by the time she turns 5 years old; she’s not waiting until her teenage years to start.

On May 2nd Amber received a phone call notifying her of her win. She shared the news with her siblings and encouraged them to start saving. One thing that Amber really likes about Fund My Future PGH are the regular reminders that she receives to help her keep saving a priority. 

When Amber receives her check, she plans to deposit it right into her daughter’s savings account. She is so thankful for this opportunity.

Another April $50 Winner!

“I recommend signing up for Fund My Future PGH because it’s easy and it’s fun!”

Congratulations to Melissa, one of our Fund My Future PGH April $50 winners! Melissa learned about Fund My Future PGH in 2018. The Carnegie Science Center was hosting an event and she saw the Fund My Future table in the lobby. But she didn’t sign up until she saw the Fund My Future PGH website’s link in her employer’s newsletter.

Melissa already had a 529 savings account for her daughter that she contributes to monthly. Melissa’s extended family member have also been able to give and appreciate knowing that the money is specifically going to her daughter’s future. Melissa has also shared the account’s growth over time with her daughter.

When Melissa received the phone call notifying her of her win, she checked her email and completed the survey link to claim her prize. She was so excited to finally have won and appreciates being enrolled in Fund My Future PGH.