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June 2023 Newsletter

Meet a $50 Winner

“I’m appreciative of programs like Fund My Future PGH because it helps me to give my daughter sound financial advice.” – Natasha

Congratulations to Natasha, an April Fund My Future PGH $50 Winner! Natasha first heard about Fund My Future PGH from Pittsburgh Brown Mamas Facebook Group, where she enrolled four years ago. She was moved by the fact that all she had to save was a minimum of $1 a month, which relieved the pressure of saving. Natasha had attempted to save in the past, however she was not consistent. After enrolling in Fund My Future PGH she now makes regular monthly deposits, and she attributes that to the monthly Fund My Future PGH reminders of which she greatly appreciates.

Natasha was not taught the importance of saving as a young child because paying bills was a priority for her parents. She is so glad to have enrolled in Fund My Future PGH while her daughter is young because she is now getting hands on saving, which is a motivating factor for Natasha.

When Natasha’s daughter receives monies for special occasions or birthdays, she saves some in her piggy bank. However, whenever she wants to splurge on a video game or her favorite school lunch, she sets a goal to spend a portion of her saving.

Natasha would always read the Fund My Future PGH Winner Stories and thought it would be nice if one day, it would be her. And on May 1st Natasha received the phone call informing her that she was one of the $50 Winners. Both Natasha and her daughter felt so excited to have finally won.  Natasha plans to give her winnings to her daughter for her upcoming school trip to Washington DC.

Story Written By: Toni Corinealdi