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June 2021 Newsletter


Purnima was our April $1000 winner and she couldn’t be more excited. She first heard about Fund My Future in 2017 through her daughter, who attended afterschool and summer camp through SHIM (South Hills Interfaith Movement). She later attended a family event sponsored by SHIM and a Fund My Future representative was there.  Many of her friends in her community also told her about how they had enrolled and were saving for their children.

She thought this was the perfect opportunity for her to enroll. So she stopped by the table and obtained all the information and signed up. Shortly after, she made arrangements to open a savings account at the bank for her daughter and began saving through automatic deposits.

As time went on, she received Fund My Future communications, including the monthly newsletters where she would see photos of winners. She often wondered if she would ever be a winner. Then on April 1, 2021 she received a phone call from Toni Corinealdi congratulating her on being a $1000 winner. Both mom and daughter will continue their savings journey knowing that there is no limit on the number of times they can win.

FMF-PGH Launch Drawing Winner

Congratulations to Lyneca, our Fund My Future PGH Grand Prize winner who won a $200 Aldi gift card. Lyneca signed up for Fund My Future PGH during the launch week of May 24 through May 31. She first attended a Fund My Future Saving Series Session the previous week, which was offered through Providence Connections.