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March 2023 Newsletter

“Fund My Future PGH is like a reward for doing something small every month that builds up to the biggest gift that you could give to a child in your life.” – Imin

Congratulations to Imin, a $50 Fund My Future PGH TWO TIME WINNER! Iman first won in November 2022 and then again in January 2023. Imin initially heard about Fund My Future PGH when she had her baby two years ago. She had received a mailer from Keystone Scholars instructing her to claim her $100 for her newborn. After claiming her $100 she then went on to sign up for Fund My Future PGH. 

Growing up, Imin recalls her parents always prioritizing saving for her education. As a result, Imin found herself saving for her daughter’s education as soon as she was born. Although Imin’s parents were financially stable they were not rich. They made just enough to not qualify for any assistance but not enough to fully pay for college had they not saved. Imin felt fortunate because she was able to commit herself to focusing on her studies. She wants her daughter to have that same opportunity. 

The first time Imin  won, she didn’t see the email. Had it not been from the phone call from Ms. Corinealdi, she doesn’t know if she would have claimed her prize. She remembered getting that phone call, which happened to be the last courtesy call reminding families to complete their survey. After speaking with Ms. Corinealdi, she requested another winner email to be sent and is currently awaiting receipt of her check. 

Then on February 1st, exactly one week after claiming her first prize, she received an email of another win. She thought it was an error and reached out. Ms. Corinealdi confirmed with her that she was really a January winner, so this time Imin submitted the survey and verification right away. Iman plans to deposit her first win into her daughter’s savings account and the other win will be used for a family outing. 

“Fund My Future PGH is a great opportunity to show your child the importance of saving for their future.” – Elisha

Congratulations to Elisha, a Fund My Future PGH January $50 winner! Elisha heard about Fund My Future PGH when she attended the Hosanna House summer day camp orientation. She decided to enroll because she thought it would be a good opportunity to save for her son. 

Elisha landed her first summer job as a camp counselor at the East Hills Community Church when she was a young teenager. Afterwards, she decided to establish a savings account for herself and has been saving ever since. 

Since Elisha’s enrollment in Fund My Future PGH, her son now likes to save a portion of his money. He earns his money from chores, gifts, birthdays, good grades, etc. In addition, he enjoys going to the bank, filling out deposit slips and interacting with bank representatives. Elisha believes that her son is on a good financial track because he is responsible and makes wise choices with his needs vs. wants. 

Elisha’s son is very excited about the win. Elisha plans to deposit half of her winnings into his savings account and give the other half directly to him. He made plans to spend his money on arts and crafts from Hobby Lobby.