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May 2023 Newsletter

March $1,000 Winner

“Fund My Future PGH is more than just saving; it encourages you to continue on life’s journey. Whether it’s breaking generational cycles or building hope, Fund My Future PGH changes the financial trajectory.” – Ahmonique

Congratulations to Ahmonique who is the March Fund My Future PGH $1000 winner! Ahmonique originally heard about Fund My Future PGH about two years ago at her child’s school, Woodland Hills Turtle Creek Academy, during the STEM Parent Teacher Conference.

Timing couldn’t have been better because at that time she had recently stopped saving due to experiencing financial hardship. However, after talking with Ms. Corinealdi at the enrollment table she felt this was a great opportunity to restart her children’s savings. She contacted her local financial institution and reopened her children’s accounts. Since then, she has been faithfully saving every month, even if it’s just $1.

Ahmonique has experienced financial ups and downs over the years. Although she didn’t learn how to save from her parents or from school, she had a dream of owning property. At 26, she purchased her first home but still struggled. It was only recently that she was ablet to get herself back on track to financial freedom by reducing debt. Now, she’s hoping to retire by 45 and she’s on the ballot for Councilwoman for East Pittsburgh.

Because of her commitment to save every month, when Ahmonique received the phone call from Ms. Corinealdi about her win, her excited response was, “I knew it!” Ahmonique hasn’t decided what she is going to do with her winnings. However, she is very grateful for the $500 that is automatically being deposited into her child’s PA529 education account.