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November 2020 Spotlight

Your Simple Steps to Winning:
1. Open a savings account or a 529 (if you haven’t done so already).
2. Make your monthly deposit of $1 or more.
3. Check your ticket to see if you are a winner!Call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946) for additional information

Meet a Two Times Winner!

“Fund My Future has been a bright spot during an unsure time”  Cindy

Meet Cindy, one of our two-time Fund My Future winners! In July 2020, Cindy was a $50 winner and didn’t even know it. She was packing and moving into her new home and didn’t get a chance to check her email, nor did she get a chance to listen to the Fund My Future message. However, by October 1, she was situated. That’s when she received another email notifying her that she was a $1000 Winner for September.

When she received that email, she completed the survey. Then she received a phone call from Fund My Future Clerk, Michele Gronsky.  Michele was going over her survey, as she usually does with anyone who completes a survey. However, in this particular case, Michele noticed that Cindy did not finish her survey for July. Michele asked if there was a reason for that, and Cindy explained the situation. Because everyone has 6 months to respond, Cindy was able to complete the survey and submit her verification, and low and behold, she was also a confirmed July Winner!

Cindy said, being automatically enrolled contributions to her child’s saving, which made her eligible for a chance to win. She initially found out about Fund My Future from being enrolled in the Pennsylvania Keystone Scholars, which she joined around her child’s first birthday. Cindy noticed a Fund My Future banner on the website and decided to click on it. She read all of the details about Fund My Future. She thought this would be a great addition to what she was already doing, and she IMMEDIATELY signed up!

Both mom and dad’s families contribute to their daughter’s savings account on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Their daughter knows about her financial account, and she even knows they won twice. During Cindy’s college days, she had to take out financial loans. From that experience, she personally knows how expensive education can be. Both mom and dad want to soften that approach for her daughter. They both feel that it is essential that their daughter has life savings to help with her future goals.

During the Pandemic, the thought of not being able to continue saving for their daughter crossed their minds, but fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Cindy still can’t believe that she won! She admitted when she first saw the email, which read CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE A WINNER, she thought it was a scam. But that has all changed. She received her portions of the check for $50 and $500. The remaining $500 was mailed to the PA Treasury to be deposited into her daughter’s savings.

We are excited to tell her story of being a double winner!

Important Message for Propel School Families

We are proud of your commitment to invest in your child’s future. As a reminder to families, by November 19, all Fund My Future in-school savings accounts will need to transition into individual accounts. If your child currently has an in-school savings account or you would like to start an account, please call a Fund My Future Representative at 866-SAVE WIN (728-3946) or 412-930-3831 for assistance.

“Better Save Than Sorry”

The Fund My Future BETTER SAVE THAN SORRY three-part saving series is finally here, and sessions fill up FAST! Our first session was hosted by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The next series will be hosted by The Kingsley Family Support Center on Wednesday, November 4, followed by The Homewood Children’s Village on Thursday, November 12. Our goal is to get children on the savings path by the holidays; so families can have a way to directly deposit into a child’s future. Please visit our website at or call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946) to find out how to schedule a session at your community site. Families can receive their certificate upon completion of the saving series.

Keystone Scholars

Do you live in Pennsylvania and have a child born after December 2018? If the answer is yes, you may be eligible for $100 for your child. Call 800-440-4000 to find out more about Keystone Scholars or visit the website at

Keystone Scholars- Congratulations!

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Torsella announces FIRST-EVER Morning Silver Rating for PA529 Investment Plan. Click Here to read more.

Another Historic First for PA!

PA Treasury’s Keystone Scholars Child Development Account

Pennsylvania has the distinction of being the home of many impressive “firsts!”

  •  The first circulation library was founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia in 1731.
  • The Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser was the first successful newspaper in the country.
  • Pennsylvania is home to America’s First University (the University of Pennsylvania).
  • The first nursing school was in PA, as was the first graduate school for women!

 From its beginning, the Keystone State has cultivated a strong belief in education’s power and the opportunities it brings. And now, in 2019, Pennsylvania added yet another first:

PA created the first legislated universal at-birth Child Development Account( CDA) in the nation! The program is known as Keystone Scholars. Today, it has quickly grown to be one of the largest child development accounts in the country!  

What’s Keystone Scholars All About?

PA Treasury automatically provides $100 for every baby born to PA resident on/after January 1, 2019, or subsequently adopted. This means if your child was born after January 1, 2019, Treasury has created an account for your child. It is already invested in a PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan.

Here is what new parents need to know about the new Keystone Scholars:

  • The $100 is invested in a PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan and grows for 18 years.
  • Can be used for qualified higher education expenses between ages 18 to 29.
  • New and expectant parents can sign up at
  • Watch for mail from the PA Treasury that will include information on how to access your child’s account with information from your child’s birth certificate

 It takes minutes to register. You only need:

  1. The child’s zip code used to register for your child’s PA birth certificate.
  2. Child’s date of birth.
  3. Child’s birth certificate file number (included in Treasury letter)

Families may open and save for their child in their own PA 529 account and link it to their Keystone Scholars account. This is a great way to jumpstart savings! So smart!

Believing in education and the need to support Pennsylvanians has always paid off. Pennsylvanians have patented and created many things including:

  •  First successful oil well
  • First steamboat
  • First locomotive for railroad use
  • First water pumping station
  • First company-owned service station

Keystone Scholars continues the tradition of supporting every child’s educational opportunities by jumpstarting savings and creating a higher education identity for all children. In addition, families registering their Keystone Scholars account can take the PA Savings Pledge to add to their savings. PA Treasury partnered with Fund My Future to launch the Pledge offers families who have taken the Pledge the opportunity for winning one of the more than $5000 in monthly prizes.

Could your child be the next inspiring inventor, scientist, doctor, landscaper, or artist?

Community Partner Announcements

Credit Webinar 11/17/20
HSCC is partnering with the Pittsburgh Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) to offer a FREE webinar on Credit and Debt Management on Tuesday, November 17th from 1-2pm. Please pass along this information to anyone that may be interested. Be sure to register here

Click Here to learn about the Carnegie Library’s In-person Service

Click Here for Trying Together’s November Events

Click Here Still enrolling children under 5 years old

Virtual Parent Meeting

Parents can now schedule a one-on-one virtual Zoom meeting to address any Fund My Future needs. Simply contact Ms. Corinealdi at 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946)