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November 2021 Newsletter


“Think about your child’s future. Think about the longevity, not short-term. Start an account for your youth; you won’t regret it.”

Meet Keke, a Fund My Future PGH September $50 winner! Keke first heard about Fund My Future PGH about 3 years ago, when she attended a Hug Me Tight resource fair held in the Hill District. She noticed the bright green Fund My Future PGH table and decided to stop by to learn more about the program.
When Keke learned that Fund My Future PGH was a children’s savings program, she immediately wanted to hear more about how the program worked. She always had an account for herself and saw this as a great opportunity for her daughter to start saving early and have a savings account too.

After learning about the program and the opportunity to win for saving, Keke took the first step of enrolling in Fund My Future PGH but was unable to open a savings account for her child right away. However, she still had the Fund My Future pamphlet and one day she noticed it on her dresser. This is what prompted her to finalize her enrollment by opening a savings account for her child at the Hill District Federal Credit Union.

Now that she has a savings account for her child, they frequent the credit union to make regular deposits. Her child makes deposits, while she stands by and supervises. Her child is very engaged in the savings process and always makes deposits with any money received. This is done without any encouragement from mom; it’s become a natural habit.

When Keke recently won, she initially didn’t think it was really happening to her. She saw the email and scrolled past it but then she scrolled back to it. She then completed the survey and submitted her verification documents. Then she received the phone call from Ms. Corinealdi and that phone call really sealed the deal for her.

Keke absolutely loves Fund My Future PGH. Her daughter has been able to continuously save over the years that she has been enrolled and plans to continue saving. She has tried to encourage others to save while helping her child to continue on her savings path.