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November 2022 Newsletter

September $50 Winner

“It’s never too late to start saving for your children, no matter how old they are” 

Aleine is one of our grandmas who won $50 in the September Fund My Future PGH drawing. After attending a service at Mount Ararat Baptist Church in 2018, she stopped by the Fellowship Hall and noticed the Fund My Future PGH table. She inquired about the program and chose to sign up. Shortly after signing up, she opened a savings account for her grandchildren and was fully enrolled in Fund My Future PGH.

Then Aleine decided to set up automatic deposits, so she would be sure to be able to claim her full prize if she won. Aleine made a commitment to herself not to touch the monies saved. And to this day, she has never touched it, even during COVID lockdown. She truly feels very fortunate that she has been able to continue contributing over the years.

Both of Aleine’s grandchildren are completely aware of their savings accounts and deposit money from birthdays and holidays. Her grandchildren are also planning on starting a Christmas Fund so they have funds to go holiday shopping for big ticket items.

On the day that Aleine won, she remembers receiving the phone call from Ms. Corinealdi, which prompted her to complete the survey. She then submitted the verification and looks forward to receiving her winnings in the mail. Although she hasn’t made plans for her recent win, she is definitely excited to have finally won!

September $50 Winner

“Saving has always been important in both our families. That’s why we wanted to teach our son early on how to have healthy spending and saving habits. When I learned about Fund My Future, I signed up immediately. The program is amazing and can act as an accountability partner with the monthly “don’t forget to make your deposit” email and voicemail reminders. I also try to spread the word so that my family and friends participate as well. I have so much peace of mind knowing that as our son grows, so will his college nest egg.” 

Growing up, Tamaira’s mom always instilled savings in her life, and her husband is also a “Big Saver.” For their son’s birthdays, they started something called “FIVE” Parties. Instead of gifts, family and friends are asked to bring $5 in a birthday card to be added to his college savings fund. Most folks are happy to contribute and usually bring more than $5! Now that their son is five, they are going to have him accompany them to the bank. This will be his first time that he will be taking his birthday money to the bank and he’s looking forward to it. He loves to save; he has four piggy banks where he always deposits his change. They will be depositing the Fund My Future PGH winnings soon!