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October 2021 Newsletter


“It’s so nice to know that if something were to happen to me, I have that money set up for my granddaughter to receive.”

One day Laurel went to her local Citizens Bank branch to meet with a representative regarding her personal accounts. The bank representative noticed that she had a grandchild and recommended Fund My Future PGH to her. At that time Lauren had never heard about Fund My Future PGH but she was open to the suggestion and agreed to sign up to start saving for her grandchild. As a young child she had a Passbook Savings Account, and instilled the habit of saving in her children who also had accounts as children. Her only regret is not saving more for their futures.

In September she received the phone call from Ms. Corinealdi, notifying her that she was an August $50 winner. She’d missed the email notification but went on to complete the survey to claim her prize, knowing that she was eligible because she made a deposit of at least $1 into her grandchild’s savings account that month. She was glad she’d chosen to set up the automatic deposit feature for the funds to go directly into her grandchild’s account each month.

Her grandchild is aware that she has an account and Laurel feels so lucky to have been in the right place at the right time so that all of this could be possible.


“Save now so your kids can have greater later”

Candace is a Fund My Future PGH $50 winner in August. Candace first heard about Fund My Future while her child was attending middle school. Prior to that, Candace strongly believed in saving and was already saving for her children on her own. When this opportunity came through her child’s school, she thought it would be a great way to engage him in the savings process too.

When she initially saw the email stating that she had won, she was ecstatic. Being that she was very familiar with Fund My Future PGH, she did not think twice about completing the survey required to claim her prize. She couldn’t believe that she had finally won after years of saving.

When Candance first submitted the verification documents from the financial institution that she was saving for her oldest, it didn’t contain the necessary FMF PGH requirements. However, she was able to submit verification for her youngest, which contained everything necessary for her to claim her prize.   

She really appreciated Ms. Corinealdi’s persistence in following up with her. After a couple of attempts of submitting the documentation, she was able to get approval for the award. She’s happy that she is saving for all of her children and that either one of their saving accounts can make her a qualified winner.