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September 2020 Spotlight

Your Simple Steps to Winning:
1. Open a savings account or a 529 (if you haven’t done so already).
2. Make your monthly deposit of $1 or more.
3. Check your ticket to see if you are a winner!

Call 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946) for additional information

Meet our July $1000 Winner

“I’m happy to be a part of Fund My Future for my daughter Anajah’s education and I’m looking forward to enrolling my youngest daughter and get her savings started early” Ms. Nikia Pitts

Ms. Nikia Pitts joined Fund My Future in the Spring of 2019 at an event hosted by Lincoln PreK-5 Elementary School where her 9-year-old daughter Anajah attends. During the event, Ms. Pitts visited all tables, but there was something about the Fund My Future table that stood out to her.

After learning more about Fund My Future and the fact that she could win by making a deposit of at least $1, she figured, she should take care of it right now. She enrolled and later went on to open a savings account for Anajah but never thought that she would actually win.

She started receiving Fund My Future correspondences including phone calls, newsletters, and monthly reminders to make deposits. She said in July she was really happy to get the reminder because it prompted her to reinstate her daughter’s account, which was closed due to her losing her wallet. So she made a simple phone call to her bank and had the funds deposited, not thinking she would win but happy to get the reminder to get back on track which is something she had planned on doing but with COVID-19 occurring it slipped her mind.

Then on August 3rd, she received the email and phone call she would never forget! SHE WAS A $1000 WINNER! She could not believe she won. Ms. Pitts says she will include her daughter when she makes in-person bank deposits. This has been a wonderful experience for Ms. Pitts and she plans on making deposits every month.

The PA Savings Pledge

Do you live in Pennsylvania and have a child born after December 2018? If the answer is yes, did you know you are eligible for $100?  Call 800-440-4000 to find out more about Keystone Scholars or visit the website at

Meet a Few $50 Winners!

Photo 1 – Kevin Ressler – April Winner
Photo 2 – Brandon Hertzog – July Winner
Photo 3 – Brian Connelly – June Winner

Community Partner Announcements

MVPC Working Group on Housing is hosting a FREE webinar on the Allegheny County Cares Rent Relief Program on Friday, September 11 from 11 – 12pm. Call 412.436.9537

Click Here Households with incomes at 200% FPL or below can apply to receive emergency financial assistance. For example, if an applicant has outstanding utility bills, they can indicate that they need help paying for utilities on the application. Other examples of outstanding expenses include, but aren’t limited to rent, mortgage, childcare, transportation, home repairs, debt payments, medical bills.

“Let’s Talk About It”-  Teens & Young Adults Convo! Held on Sunday, September 6 at 12:45pm. FREE Box Lunch at Gateway Middle School Parking Lot – across from the new Get Go.

“Light Night, Not Fright Night” Friday, September 30 at 7;00pm at Gateway Middle School

Click Here still enrolling school age children

Click Here to learn about the Carnegie Library’s In-person and Curbside Reopening Plan

TRYING TOGETHER RESOURCEs  (daily update news post)

Click Here Still enrolling children under 5 years old

CLH In-School Services: Help children get Online and throughout the day. Motivate children to engage virtually. Serving breakfast and lunch. Check in with children on completion of assignments. Facilitate Connections to teachers. Call Denise Bell at 412.342.1350- Space is LIMITED – In person Registration. Start Date – September 8

CITIPARKS – Food Distribution During School Delay (City Residents)
Click Here for to find out locations of Food Distribution Sites

Click Here for updated COVID-19 Information and Resources

Virtual Parent Meeting

Parents can now schedule a one-on-one virtual Zoom meeting to address any Fund My Future needs. Simply contact Ms. Corinealdi at 833-SAVEWIN (728-3946)