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September 2021 Newsletter

A $50 Winner

““I’m a really busy person. I’m so glad I set up automatic deposits to my child’s savings account early on, so that I never have to stop and think about making deposits. And that is what made me win without doing anything special.”

Congratulations to Helenmary, one of Fund My Future PGH’s July $50 Winners!

After having a baby in the spring of 2020, Helenmary thought about starting a savings plan for him but was not sure where to start. Then three months later she received a Keystone Scholars mailer and immediately signed up to receive her $100 contribution from the State Treasury. She then enrolled in the PA529 plan where she set up automatic monthly contributions to her child’s college savings account. She also clicked on the Fund My Future PGH link for monthly chances to win $50 to $1000 for saving each month, something she was doing anyway. Although she did not think that she would win, it was worth signing up.

On August 1st she found out she did win. The email read “Congratulations, You are a Fund My Future PGH Winner.” She did not hesitate at all; she knew it was real because this is what she signed up for. So she completed the short survey, submitted her verification, and was sent a check for $50.

Helenmary’s parents taught her to save as a child, but she still ended up with hefty student loan debt. She wants to take a proactive approach with her son. With Fund My Future PGH’s monthly reminders and the monthly chances to win, she gets the help she needs to keep her son’s savings a top priority.